Creative strategy used in electronic advertising

Dr. Maha Mustafa Omer Abdalaziz


The study aims at the technological developments that are taking place in the world and have impacted on all sectors and fields and imposed on the business organizations and commercial companies to carry out their marketing and promotional activities within the electronic environment. The most prominent of these developments is the emergence of the concept of electronic advertising which opened a wide range of companies and businessmen to advertise And to promote their products and their work easily through the Internet, which has become full of electronic advertising, and in light of that will discuss the creative strategy used in electronic advertising; In terms of products and services offered in the market and in contrast multiple needs of consumers, has created a kind of inspiration between the parties to the equation (product and consumer) in terms of the desire of the product to promote the largest possible number of these goods and services and thus open the choice for the consumer to identify, Comparison and testing. The inevitability of finding a driving force and a problem in the method of communication has emerged in the sense of the effective impact of the mass media in order to promote and introduce it and to bring the consumer closer to knowledge in the most efficient manner. The creative strategy used in the design of electronic advertising; In order to influence the consumer behavior of individuals and help them to identify their needs and how to satisfy them through an electronic advertisement which means all the information placed on the disposal of the public through the website and related to goods and services as long as it aims to pay those who enter the site to buy goods or services. And the disclosure of the persuasive and motivational criteria that need to be considered in the editing of electronic advertising messages in order to effectively affect the consumer behavior of the individual and thus the success of the advertising message displayed in the electronic advertisement and how to take advantage of the creative strategy used in electronic advertising and work to distinguish between different types of consumers and benefit from them Guide promotions and ads.


Strategy, advertising, creative, electronic