The Negative Effects of Digital Technology Usage on Children

Nahil Abdallahm, School of Engineering and IT Al Dar University College, Al Garhoud, Dubai UAE Hena Iqbal, School of Engineering and IT Al Dar University College, Al Garhoud, Dubai UAE Ghassan Al-Utaibi, School of Business, Al Dar University College, Al Garhoud, Dubai UAE


Children in the 21st century are avid users of technology. Technology plays a vital role in our daily lives. These include electronic games, home computers, handheld devices, and different types of gadgets. Gadgets, in particular, are popular in children and as likely in elders. In this norm. The objective of this quantitative research paper is to presents the impact of gadgets on children in a negative manner. Research has been conducted on how gadgets affect the cognitive and motor skills of children and how it is so important to avoid the consequences and bad side effects of this phenomenon. A total of 160 questionnaires were collected and analyzed using the SPSS technique. The findings revealed that as the gadgets are increasing day by day, it is leading to technology addiction among children. The research praise that In order to ensure a healthy lifestyle for children and adolescents, it is important to monitor the time, duration and content accessed while using technological devices and to ensure that children have or cultivate sufficient opportunities for physical activity, healthy eating habits, proper sleep cycles and a supportive social environment. The paper concludes with recommendations for further study of a better understanding of more problems in children by the growing impact of computers.


Technology use, Health, Technology, electronic gadgets, social isolation, depression.