Vol.4, Issue 1; Nov 2019.                                    ISSN: 2415-4377, 2016, ADRJS

Al Dar Research Journal for Sustainability

A Scholarly, Blind Peer Reviewed, Bi-Annual, Open Access, Online Research Journal
Sno Paper ID Title and Name of Author Page Abstract
1 ADRJS 2019-4-1-101 Prediction Approach for a Company Liquidity using Z-Score and Altman Models *Khalifa. H. Jaber, Aftab. A. Khan11 2 View
2 ADRJS 2019-4-1-102 The Future Of Blockchain Hena Iqbal, M.A. Habli. O. Al Basheer and G. Al Utaibi* 9 View
3 ADRJS 2019-4-1-103 Creative strategy used in electronic advertising Dr. Maha Mustafa Omer Abdalaziz 28 View
4 ADRJS 2019-4-1-104 Agent Based Modeling for Creation of Knowledge Exchange in a Company Aftab Z. Khan 36 View
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