Vol.2, Issue2; May 2018.                                    ISSN: 2415-4377, 2016, ADRJS

Al Dar Research Journal for Sustainability

A Scholarly, Blind Peer Reviewed, Bi-Annual, Open Access, Online Research Journal
Sno Paper ID Title and Name of Author Page Abstract
1 ADRJS 2018-2-2-201 Applicability of Classical Decision-Making Styles among Leaders in Modern Societies. ‎Ali Al Yabhouni, Mas Bambang Baroto and Mohd Zulkifli Bin Mohd Ghazali 1‎ 3-14 View
2 ADRJS 2018-2-2-202 The standards of public relations management and its challenges in spreading the culture of quality in ‎institutions. Dr. Maha Mustafa Omar Abdul Aziz 15-26 View
3 ADRJS 2018-2-2-203 Approach to the theories of Mass Communication. Dr. Entisar Al-Obaidi 27-36 View
4 ADRJS 2018-2-2-204 The Extent of Using Financial Analysis Techniques in Stock Trading Decisions at Amman Stock Exchange. Prof. Munther Talal Momany, Mohammad Fawzi Al Azzam 37-64 View
5 ADRJS 2018-2-2-206 Climate warming at the Arctic ... and What after the melting of the permafrost? Dr. Fatma TAKTAK 65-67 View
6 ADRJS 2018-2-2-207 Generalized Data mining analysis on Well logs for facies classification. ‎Asad Khan, Hariharan Ramesh, Thuy Vo 68-75 View
7 ADRJS 2018-2-2-208 Using Networking Tools to Facilitate Knowledge Creation and Conversion: “An Empirical Study in Police College-Abu Dhabi. Faleh Abdulqader Alhawary 76-90 View
8 ADRJS 2018-2-2-209 Job Satisfaction, Organizational Citizenship Behaviour And Procedural Justice: An Empirical Study In Hospitality Industry. Lalit Kumar Yadav 91-101 View
9 ADRJS 2018-2-2-210 Ethical Responsibilities for Assessment of Techniques and Legal ‎Framework to Minimize IT Crimes in UAE. Dr. Mohammed A. Afifi‎, Obaida Alkhatib and Rashed Alshamsi 102-110 View
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