The over training of apprentices by employers in advanced manufacturing: a theoretical and policy analysis

Dr. Nagaraju Velde Assistant Professor School of Business Administration. ALDAR University College


This article reports the results of a study of the over training of apprentices by large manufacturers in the Middle East countries. The term over training was traditionally used to refer to the way in which nationalized industries trained more apprentices than they needed, with the surplus being released at the end of their training to find another employer .in contrast, the evidence reported in this article indicates that over training now typically involves large employers helping to train apprentices who are employed and paid by other firms from the outset. The project examines the extent and nature of over training, the reason why employers become involved in over training, and policy implications. The evidence suggest that over training can increase the number of high-quality apprenticeships. Large employers need to be made more aware of over training. Government can help and promote overtraining via its catapult centers.


Over training, apprentices, manufacturing, project training, large employers.