Library Responses during COVID-19 in UAE and Canada: An Overview

Dr.rer.nat. Eslam Alhogaraty, Vice President, Aldar University College, Dubai, UAE Sheik Maideen, Head – Learning Resource Centre, Aldar University College, Dubai, UAE


The reason of this ponder was to investigate the college libraries’ reaction amid the COVID19 widespread and decide their working hones, administrations designs, techniques connected, and part played. This ponder may be a subjective investigation by collecting information through in depth examination of the specialist and regulation library websites. All the joins and picture are included within the suitable places. The larger part of the college libraries were physically closed for benefactors in this widespread but locked in with the clients. Libraries patched up their web pages, reassigned assets, and arranged vigorous online offerings. The college entrance and other social media devices were less utilized communication apparatuses amid the widespread. Library staff worked from domestic and there was a sense of over burden since of 24/7 network and without any formal working approach tending to the modern working schedules. UAE and Canadian government specialists have taken quick measures and satisfactory online administrations to the community. Libraries see their person and collective parts of societal and instructive measurements amid these questionable times. The ponder too made proposals for the improvement of libraries’ part in such circumstances.


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