Research Study Addressing Bullying Among School Students in UAE

Ali Saeed Saleh, Omer Nasser, Mohammed Ahmed Saleh, Mohammed Abdolghader, and Nahil Abed


The main purpose behind this study is to research the bullying phenomenon among school understudies in the UAE society. This is done by showing the degree of predominance of bullying, the pace of repeat of bullying frequencies, the most inescapable types of bullying among school children in the Emirati society, lastly, the variations concerning the predominance and types of bullying as identified with the understudy's sex. Subsequently, this examination plans to test the commonness of this phenomenon in schools, and the recurrence of bullying cases just as its structures. For this purpose, a survey was conducted and designed on a sample size of 40 students of both genders. The data were later analyzed using descriptive statistical and analytical metrics that are appropriate for the variables’ measurement level, and which achieve the objectives of the study. In the study sample, the students believe that strong and strict school administration would contribute to stopping the bullying phenomenon. The study additionally concluded several recommendations to reduce this phenomenon.


UAE society, bullying, cyberbullying, offensive names, school administration