Guidelines for Authors

General Guidelines

1)  Author(s) are bound to accept the editorial decision prior, post, or during the peer-review process.

2)  The manuscript must have not been published anywhere else.

3) The manuscript should not contain any material leading to must be free from plagiarism, fabrication, falsification or copyright infringement issues.


Submission Guidelines

Submission open for May 2022

Last Date of Submission : 30 April 2022

Manuscripts to be submitted via email through


Formatting Guidelines

1)   Details of authors: Full name of author(s), title(s) & affiliations(s) at the time of manuscript submission should appear under the title of the manuscript in the order of contribution. The first full name is implicitly regarded as being the corresponding author. Example:

Economic Indicators in the United Kingdom: Assessing National

Growth for Sustainability of Economic Performance

Prof. Gorve Thompson

Chair, Department of Business Administration

College of …….., University of ….., City, State

Email Address: …….

2)  Acknowledgements: The manuscript may include an acknowledgment section as a footer stating the details of those who made substantial contributions to the manuscript such as typing, technical, writing, or editing assistance, upon written permission given to the corresponding author.

3)  Length of the entire manuscript should range from 5,000-10,000 words, typed on A4 paper with one-inch margins, word-formatted, Times New Roman 11, single line, unless otherwise specified herein. However, ADRJS reserves the right to reduce the length as seen fit.

4)  Title of manuscript should be centered, bold, Times New Roman 14, single line, and no more than 15 words. 

5)  Abstract of the manuscript should range from 300–400 words, consisting of narrative description of significance of research, variables, research methods, findings, and recommendations.

6)  Key Words of the manuscript should be from five to eight words. Example:

Key words: Economic Performance, Unemployment, Inflation, Population Growth.

7)  Titles of Tables and Figures (graphs, and/or diagrams) should be in the center above, numbered sequentially, with the citation of reference if any.


Figure 5: Theoretical Framework of Managerial Function, Williams (1990, p.74)

Table 3: Unemployment Rate (2005-2015)

8)  Main and sub-headings/paragraphs should be Times New Romans 12, bold, and numbered. Example:

1.       Introduction

1.10 Backgrounds

1.10.1 Significance of Study

6.     Recommendations   

9) Citing and Referencing

ADRJS follow the APA style of referencing. Authors are expected to adhere to the same.