Vol.6, Issue 1; Nov 2021.                                    ISSN: 2415-4377, 2016, ADRJS

Al Dar Research Journal for Sustainability

A Scholarly, Blind Peer Reviewed, Bi-Annual, Open Access, Online Research Journal
Sno Paper ID Title and Name of Author Page Abstract
1 ADRJS 2021-6-1-101 The over training of apprentices by employers in advanced manufacturing: a theoretical and policy analysis 2 View
2 ADRJS 2021-6-1-102 Financial Health of Sub-national Governments in India (An Empirical Analysis) 19 View
3 ADRJS 2021-6-1-103 Library Responses during COVID-19 in UAE and Canada: An Overview 31 View
4 ADRJS 2021-6-1-104 Research Study Addressing Bullying Among School Students in UAE 43 View
5 ADRJS 2021-6-1-105 An organizational, social, and personal practice that allows us to create functional and operational Capability as an Enabler of Management and Innovation in Organizations and Role of the Entrepreneurs 60 View
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