Vol.2, Issue1; Nov 2017.                                    ISSN: 2415-4377, 2016, ADRJS

Al Dar Research Journal for Sustainability

A Scholarly, Blind Peer Reviewed, Bi-Annual, Open Access, Online Research Journal
Sno Paper ID Title and Name of Author Page Abstract
1 ADRJS 2017-2-1-101 New Three-Step Hybrid Block Methods for Solving Second Order Ordinary Differential Equations Directly. . O. Kuboye1, Z. Omar2, O. E. Abolarin3 and R. Abdelrahim4 1-9 View
2 ADRJS 2017-2-1-102 How to Sustain Private Business Schools In UAE. Belal Berham 10-20 View
3 ADRJS 2017-2-1-104 Islamic Banking: from ethical premises to secular achievements! Mehboob ul Hassan 21-27 View
4 ADRJS 2017-2-1-105 Sustainable Tourism: Mirror, Mirror Everywhere But Not An Image To Believe Syed Ahmad Rizwan1 Dennis Powers2 Atul Tripathi3 Meraj Naeem4 28-33 View
5 ADRJS 2017-2-1-106 Enhancing programming logic and algorithmic understandability for students visually using Raptor Dr.Sujni Paul 34-43 View
6 ADRJS 2017-2-1-107 Student empowerment as a sustainable academic approach to knowledge evaluation Oxana Svergun, 44-58 View
7 ADRJS 2017-2-1-108 Green Supply Chain Management & Green IT: A Necessary Convergence for Sustainable Development Prashant Kumar1, Sajal Kabiraj2* 59-70 View
8 ADRJS 2017-2-1-109 Analysis of MANET Security Issues: Vulnerabilities, Attacks, and Measures Mohammed A. Afifi 71-78 View
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