Goals and Scope

The goal of ADRJS is to ensure the best practices and to observe the highest legal and ethical standards to safeguard the principles of sustainability, freedom of expression and opinion, and the interests of the stakeholders at national and/or global levels. ADRJS is not influenced by any commercial considerations, personal relationships, discriminatory grounds, or findings contrary to the existing knowledge or wisdom.

ADRJS’s scope covers various disciplines in sustainability, such as:

Engineering and Information Technology-
Computer and Communications Engineering Information Systems Design & Analysis, Computer Science, Web Technologies, Networking, Software Engineering, Computer Architecture & Organization, Information Assurance & Security, Operating Systems, Database Programming, MIS, Mobile Computing, Digital Media, e-commerce, Software Quality Management, and Web Development.

Business and Management-
Accounting, Finance, Management, Human Resource, Marketing, Law, Insurance, International Trade & Investment, and Economics.

Mass Communication-
Public Relations, Media Relations, Advertising, Digital Media, and Consumer Behavior

The information, views, analysis, findings, conclusions and/or recommendations published by ADRJS are those of the author(s) and do not necessary reflect the official opinions of ADRJS. Therefore, the Editorial and Peer-Review Boards are not responsible for their use by a third party.