Advisory Board

As a member of the Advisory Board, you will have an opportunity to share your research acumen and mentor, guide new and seasoned researchers and review cutting edge research. As a member of the Advisory Board, you will be assigned with the responsibility of providing support to the Editor in-Chief in the management of scientific knowledge production. Some of your duties may include:

1) Identifying peer-reviewers
2) Promoting the Journal to scholars, authors, contributors, or prospective readers
3) Providing a second or third opinion as peer-reviewer
4) Reviewing manuscript submissions after initial review of the Editor-in- Chief, for fitness in terms of journal scope, in your area of expertise
5) Publishing any corrections, modifications, clarifications to ensure the accuracy and integrity of the publication as per national and international standards
6) Determining issues of conflict of interests or malpractice
7) Assisting in the timely publication of the ADRJS
8) Supporting ADRJS and facilitating the journal and its related research activities in obtaining local and international grants from funding agencies to build capacity

This Advisory Board is composed of prominent academicians, scholars, and industry experts with substantial experience in research and their field of expertise, assigned with the main function of providing advisory opinions to the Editorial Board on matters of strategic nature that may feed into editorial policy / strategy formulation, implementation, and evaluation.