Guidelines For Submission

Authors indenting to publish their manuscripts are expected to strictly adhere to and fully comprehend the implications of the following guidelines before submission;

1)      Acceptance of editorial decisions: Author(s) are bound to accept the editorial decision prior, post, or during the peer-review process. ADRJS reserves the right to justify its decisions.

2)      Duplicate publication: The manuscript must not be published by any publisher with or without ISSN/ISBN, prior to the submission to ADRJS.

3)  Concurrent submission: The manuscript must not be simultaneously submitted to another journal for publication purposes till a final decision taken by ADRJS.

4)    Originality of the manuscript: The manuscript must be free from plagiarism, fabrication, falsification, and salami slicing.

5)   Findings of the manuscript:  The findings must be originated from legal and humane experiments and/or lawfully obtained data. When the manuscript includes the usage of any hazardous subject, it should specify so.  It should also contain a statement in case of usage of animals and human participants.

6)   Disclosure of raw data and other sources used in the manuscript should be done by author(s) promptly during the peer-review process if asked by the Editor-in-Chief. Authors(s) should accept publishing the same.

7)      Authorship of the manuscript: The following authorship criteria must be met by a person to be considered as an author;

(a) made significant contribution to the framework, model, concept, literature review, data collected, sampling, analysis, findings, conclusions or recommendations of the manuscript,

(b) drafted the manuscript, or revised during the peer review process,  and

(c) approved the final version of manuscript after the completion of the peer-review, and

(d) communicated his/her agreement to its publication.

8)      Corresponding author must ensure that any coauthor meets the authorship criteria.


Confidentiality Duty and Lapse of Time

The relationship between ADRJS and its stakeholders is of fiduciary nature, and based on the premise that mutual respect of stance and wisdom of individuals is highly safeguarded. Therefore, all those involved in the editorial and double blind peer-review processes including those Peer-Reviewers who declined to review are under duty

A)    neither to disclose any information on the submitted manuscripts to a third party under any circumstances, unless otherwise requested by the judicial authorities of UAE,

B)    nor to use any privileged information or ideas from the manuscripts for their personal advantages.

In case of rejection or acceptance of the manuscripts, all correspondence must be deleted and/or destroyed by ADRJS after three years of the original submission unless retention is required by the UAE authorities.